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Since July 2011, Art FORM has been providing arts education with creative reuse to schools and the community for little or no cost; making recycled materials accessible for projects; and helping students discover an art form that promotes ingenuity and creative problem solving.

Art FORM is gearing up for some unique summer workshops designed by teaching artist Erin Pennell. Workshops are 10am-3pm. Here are this summer’s themes featuring art with creative reuse:


22, 23, 24: Forest Fairies and Magical Dwellings

27, 28, 29, 30: Japanese Aesthetics and Art Making


11, 12, 13, 14: Vincent Van Gogh: Color Comes Alive

18, 19, 20: Drawing A-Z

25, 26, 27: Extraordinary Creatures


8, 9, 10, 11: Art Trailblazers—The Art of Alternative Map Making

22, 23: Mini-Rooms and Sustainable Landscape Design

25: Bring a Book to Life! Teacher Workshop

For more information about summer workshops see Art FORM’s Summer Workshops Page.


The San Diego Zoo's Education Department made a visit to Art FORM (see more photos on Blog/Photo page)

The San Diego Zoo’s Education Department made a visit to Art FORM (see more photos on Blog/Photo page)


Thanks to our partner SDG&E, Art FORM is able to offer more workshops in the 2016 school year to local public schools who need it most.  We are so pleased to have partnered with SDG&E through its Environmental Champion Initiative and look forward to expanding our programs in the Mid-City schools and the community.


ArtFORM is dedicated to helping promote arts instruction and environmental awareness in San Diego schools.  A surplus of materials exists for arts instruction and other projects, but organizing, sorting and making available this surplus and highlighting its potential reuse is a primary goal.  Art instruction with the creative reuse of these materials makes this a unique and vital program for San Diego schools and the community.


Creative reuse is the process that transforms any clean, safe, reusable scrap item into an object of interest or beauty.  This process can involve paper, wood, plastics, fabric, some metal, and a variety of found objects (natural and human-made).  Creative reuse does include blue bin items, but its breadth goes far beyond curbside recycling.  Every household and every business likely has materials to contribute.  Through its arts education workshops, Art FORM can help the public become more mindful of the kinds of items that can be donated and put to use in a wide variety of school curricula and community projects. (See our donations list/page)

Schools with limited or no arts education are encouraged to book workshops for little or no cost as a way to expose their students to creative reuse and its possibilities.  Schools with existing arts programs will find new and innovative ways to enhance their instruction and curriculum in these workshops for low cost.

How Does Art FORM Benefit the Community?

  • Promotes landfill diversion, maximizing the use of clean recycled materials in art and education
  • Provides workshops for K-12 students, teachers, and the community where commonly discarded items are transformed into objects of beauty, usefulness, and interest
  • Conducts educational outreach activities, such as free art projects at street fairs, festivals, and other community events
  • Promotes awareness and implementation of sustainable practices in art, education, and daily activities, especially for underserved populations
  • Promotes ingenuity and creative problem solving in art and everyday life
  • Encourages community service and volunteerism
  • Ultimately, provides a large central facility where donated recycled items are displayed and made available for little or no cost
  • Art FORM is a nonprofit 501c3, so contributions are tax deductible!

What’s Next?

  • Continue to grow Art FORM as a strong arts education program emphasizing creative reuse
  • Engage representatives from arts, environmental, and educational organizations as well as businesses and local governments to support Art FORM in:
    •  acquiring a larger storefront with space for sorting, organizing, and displaying donated materials and conducting workshops
    •  procuring funding for ongoing program activities
    •  forming community collaborations
  • Acquire a vehicle for transporting donated materials



For more information about free or low-cost creative reuse workshops for students and the community please contact us.

Erin Pennell
Founder/Teaching Artist
3316 Adams Avenue, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92116