Donate now to Art FORM to help us expand free arts education with creative reuse, so we can enrich our community and partnerships. Your donation also helps to support access to creative reuse materials though our Saturday store, where we offer low cost and free materials to students, teachers and the community. Here are some ways your tax-deductible gift can help:

  • $35 – supplies/tools for creative reuse workshop
  • $50 – a teacher’s assistant for 1 creative reuse workshop
  • $100 – equipment to organize and display recycled items in our creative reuse store
  • $500 – fund an entire workshop for local Title 1 class or large Girl Scout Outreach Group
  • $1,000 – sponsor one Title I school classroom for 1 year of creative education and workshops
  • $2,500 – install new studio floor OR sponsor community store for one quarter

Art FORM is a nonprofit 501c3 offering arts education with creative reuse.  Our tax ID # is 45-1273085. Thank you for making a difference in our community.  To contribute by credit card click Donate to pay via Paypal.

Or send a check made payable to Art FORM to:

3316 Adams Ave, Ste. B
San Diego, CA 92116